Adam & Eve

The Paradise | Adam and Eve | The Fall of Man

I was asked to present my two channel video installation Adam and Eve at an evening during the Art Basel 2009. The event took place at the Elisabeth Church in Basel in Switzerland.

In addition to the two screens placed at the church facing each other I decided to develop an iPhone application respectively two: Adam and Eve. One is with the Eva video and a second with the Adam animation. There are a few reasons why I got excited about that:

1.Running the videos on iPhones makes the installation become more open to the viewer. Especially as it allows the customer easily creating different settings for the installation.

2. A great opportunity in using software to keep the two animations in sync via network connectivity.

3. It would be great if someone comes along interested in buying the video installation. But as the installation is an rather old work I was quite interested in allowing more people buying it. And the App Store offers a great way for publishing digital art work.

Stories and the history
The terms evoke different associations for many people. Various religious stories are compassing about the two first men from another period of time. Some remember a work of the artist Lukas Cranach and some a religious description of the past centuries. Down to the present day we find many interpretations and pictures of their existence and consequences of their former behaviour. It’s still refering to our structure of society in our times.

Nowadays with television and video all around us there are ways besides paintings of dealing with this topic.
‘Adam and Eve’ deals with the Fall of Man and, in the broadest sense, its consequential role allocation of our society. Eve at the one screen, Adam at the other. Both separated of each other, having the bareness in common though.

iPhone application | short description
The 2-channel-installation Adam and Eve is now available for the iPhone, leaving its usual, fixed setting. Adam is the counterpart to the application Eve. Together their offer the possibility for synchronised playback over Wi-Fi. But even if Eve isn’t present or there is no wireless connection the 1-channel version is available.

Video installation | short description
“Adam and Eve” is a two channel video installation that works without sound. The video loop contains sequences of black frames that make the viewer find its own perspective about the installation. Only after a while the story is made accessible to the viewer.

2007 10th EpsonFotoFestivalNaarden in the ‘Grote Kerk’ exhibition Paradise in Naarden, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2005 Kunstfilmbiennale international competition in Cologne, Germany.