Sheep’s Journey

Adventures through the world of colours

A Sheep’s Journey is for children. It’s here for them to learn the language of design and how to harness their incredibly hard working imaginations. A Sheep’s World is here to teach children the language of design.

Working in close cooperation with Saskia Schmidt and their teachers, children will be given a workshop in which they create part of a film that involves building up a story from the theme right through to completing the animation. Each workshop is a new episode in the life of a little white sheep who has gone on an adventure to see every single colour in the world.

Please check out Sheep’s Journey Website and the Sheep’s Journey Video Channel for more information!

In the White World

Everything in the sheep’s world is plain white. The trees and the fish and the buildings and even the sheep itself is white. This must be incredibly boring for the little sheep; there’s no contrast and no variation. Everything is the same.

One day though, something amazing happened. A tiny animal flew right over the sheep’s head. The little sheep had never seen anything like it. “Utterly incredible!” it thought. This insect was so different to the little white sheep. The insect was a brilliantly colourful drangonfly. Where did it come from? Where’s it off to next? Was the dragonfly’s home as colourful as dragonfly itself? If so the little sheep has to see this place!

The only thing the little white sheep can do is leave home to go on an adventure to find the answers.

So far the sheep the sheep has discovered the worlds of Blue, Red and Yellow on it’s epic adventure, but the journey is not over yet; it must go on until the little white sheep has seen all the colours in the world!

The Blue World

By the 4th class of the Schule and der Twiete, Hamburg Germany 2006

Our first stop for the little white sheep’s journey is the world of Blue. There’s so many questions. What is it that’s whirring through the air? What’s sinking into the deep dark sea? The little sheep is exhausted by it all and by nightfall collapses, exhaustedly onto the floor and slowly drifts off to sleep with everything in the blue world racing through it’s mind. This is just the beginning though. There’s plenty more to come.

The Yellow World

By young people of the Kids-Uni of the University, Kassel Germany 2007

After suffering a speculiar crash landing with a parcel posted from another world our little white sheep finds itself in the middle of a sandy desert. “This must be the Yellow world” It thinks, whilst slowly realising how hot and spicy such an environment is. Cooling down in the gentle sun-kissed sea is an absolute pleasure. It might be very hard to leave such a lovely place…

The Red World

By young ladies of the Frauentreff Brückenhof, Kassel Germany 2008

“Wow… What’s happening in here?” The sheep is stunned! “So many things almost too quick to see!” An unstoppable cycle of serious recurring events? From transforming rain drops, a mysterious gun to a wobbly spinach ice cream and a poison spitting snake there is even a parrot with a rather terrified expression. “A truly weird Green World. Let’s go for the delicious looking ice cream! Yummy!!”
And everything changes.

The green World

By the animation and film club of the Deutsche Schule London, Rochmond England 2011

Almost the minute the little white sheep steps into the Red world it sees the most amazing big red balloons. All it would take is to grab one of these and fly high into the air and soar away into the next colour, but it’s never so simple. The sheep has to confront the terrifying prospect of getting over the rapids on the red river. The little white sheep has to show the most incredible courage to get to the other side. Can it confront it’s fears and grab the red balloon and succeed?


A Sheep’s World in the exibition in the gallery of comical arts “Caricatura” in Kassel in January 2008