Web & Video

To share some more video work, this is a loose selection of different videos I produced. Some of them have been parts of projects that are covered seperately on this website. But there are other production as well.

Here we go. The LDN24 installation is a creative collaboration of The Light Surgeons and Field is now open to the public in the Museum of London.

Watch the video documentation of the great art installation I made some weeks ago for Field.

Documentation of a great workshop week with wonderful creative young people from Hackney creating stories and drawing you can’t even imagine.

The video below shows the first website of the children project Sheep’s Journey. I do like some great things about it. I really like how videos, pictures and sounds could interact. You can play around with all the objects, develop your own characters and build your a new stage.
The new Sheep’s Jouney’s webside offers a broader online experience.

The videos, interviews and documentation of the artist’s work were produced as main content for the online web catalogue of the exhibition “KunststudentInnen Stellen Aus 2006″ on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
With a great team of other students I produced and directed the video documentation of the young artists presenting their work at this exhibition in Bonn in Germany. We travelled through Germany to every city that has an arts university to interview two artist for the exhibition.

Best chosen young artists from all German arts university present their work.

The short documentation shows the wide spectrum of the corporate landscape of North Hesse in Germany and gives an impression of different companies and work environments. It was produced for the UniKasselTransfer Inkubator of the University Kassel.

In 2007 I assisted Christian Klotz with the documentation and evaluation of his final degree project. It was about game development on mobile phones and how the user would interact with it.
It was the first time I got in touch with a project in mobile technology and its great possibilities it can offer adults and children. Three game prototypes have been developed for Mobile Gaming by Christian. One of which is currently in production to be released in a further developed version for the iPhone.